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Luminary Mentoring


Luminary Mentoring Sessions

are for those on the path to their Infinite Potential

I absolutely adore helping my clients intent on traveling the path into their Infinite Potential.  Everyone navigates their rise to experience the wonder of their Infinite Potential in different ways and at different times, but the path there should always be a path towards joy!  Guided Luminary services are designed around each individual’s needs and focused on each individual’s spiritual and professional goals to shine light on the path of your Infinite Potential and allow you to move more swiftly and joyfully there.  Using the same tools, gifts, and connections that I tap into when I am providing readings and channeling,  I support and guide individuals one-on-one as they pursue specific outcomes in their personal or professional lives. My services include helping you create your unique action plan, identifying roadblocks and  obstacles, and overcoming barriers, while tapping into your energy field through my intuition.  I do not function as a coach but rather a guide. I offer short-term and long-term service packages based on your specific needs. 

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