Testimonials from Clients & Students

"Working with Janelle is a unique and beautiful privilege you need to allow yourself to experience. Her readings are incredibly well-organized to ensure you cover a lot of ground but also fluid to follow your needs, thoughts, and questions along the way. Janelle delivers her readings in a way that is both funny and lighthearted with a gentle sprinkle of tough love (which let’s be honest that’s something we all need, to truly hear what we need to hear). What I love about her readings is you always walk away with clear guidance to promote self-love, healing and advancement of your purpose as well as how to help the world around you (we all need to help by putting out good into the world with our own gifts!). Janelle has the ability to use multiple modalities to help you on your path to spiritual growth and healing that is built just for you. She is a person you want to have in your life because knowing her and experiencing her work will make you feel better connected to your path and a higher purpose without being too serious along the way. She is a special person you need to know!"  

— Lisa S.

"I have always had an exceptional experience with the products and services provided by Janelle! She truly is amazing in her work !!"  

— Carley B.

"I had such an amazing reading from Janelle! She was totally dead-on with the message she received. I felt so much more peaceful and light after getting my reading. She certainly is connected and accurate with her intuition and messages from her guides. I was blown away with what I received! Thank you Janelle for getting me back on track, and on my way to a happier, healthier life!"  

— Brooke O.

"As I'm standing here going through my notes, I'm just in aaawwwweeee of what I've learned about myself from Janelle's Astrology 111 class these past few weeks. These classes were everything to me and how she taught was perfect in the 3 stages. Once you sit with your notes, it's like putting the pieces of your puzzle together - which in turn allows you to understand others along the way. It was one of the most positive, enlightening experiences of my life. 


Thank you for everything Janelle - can't wait for A222!"

— Brandy F.

"How does someone who doesn't know you, know you so well? The first time I went to Janelle, I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be within minutes. I came to her immersed in grief. She had already encountered my "other-side" children and knew what I was feeling. She spoke to my heart directly. She gave me insight and homework. She made it safe for me on every level.  With her wonderful sassy, honest style, I found myself  laughing, crying, and laughing again. I left knowing that I would be back again. And, I have. And, I will. Janelle is the real deal."

— Leah B.

"The day I met Janelle, I knew my life was going to change. Her charisma and zest for life was the motivation I needed to start living my best life. Janelle from infinite potential healing has been my connection to my journey to start healing and releasing. I have learned to heal through my past trauma though her readings to connect with my guides and passed loved ones also helping me to visualize my future. She has helped heal my body and soul with her Reiki treatments and has helped me embark on my own relationship with Reiki as I continue to learn and take Reiki training with her as a Reiki master. I love attending her workshops especially the workshop that emphasizes abundance, following that class I was gifted a large sum of debt to be forgiven and a huge weight to be lifted off my shoulders. Being in her presence, through a charm reading, a presentation or a class, or just by talking with her you feel the joy she radiates for what she does, which is help people. The joy is abundant and it becomes contagious, Janelle has forever changed me and I will be forever grateful and continue to learn more and more from her every day."

— Jessica B.


" I just wanted to leave a review for my experience working with Janelle. I've now taken her Astrology 111 class, Reiki 1,2 & 3 along with a Cord Cutting session - this woman is the real deal! The way she teaches is brilliant - master minded to be honest - and I will continue taking her classes for as long as she's willing to teach them! I sat on my Cord Cutting session for about a year, debating within myself if it was the right thing for me - it was the most freeing thing I've done for my soul in a very long time! I wish I would've done it sooner - but everything has it's Divine timing. I can't recommend Janelle, her knowledge & talent enough! She's phenomenal!"

— Brandy F.

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