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Meet Janelle

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Janelle L. Auch is a Grand Reiki Master Teacher in the Traditions of Usui and Karuna Reiki, with extensive training in Shamanic, Integrative, and Mari-EL Reiki. 


As an Advanced Certified Angel Tarot Reader, Multi Generational Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Channel, Janelle uses cards, charms, and her own intuitive hits to provide clients with highly accurate readings.


Her sacred intention is to offer you support that allows you to move more fully and meaningfully on your path towards joy. 


As Certified Flower Therapy Healer and Certified Crystal Healer, as well as an accomplished Energy Healer with many additional energy work practices and certifications, Janelle is devoted to helping you make important connections, access life-lifting clarity, and experience healing when it is needed most. 

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