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Our Divine Download for April 1, 2021 is Desiree from the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards with the message "No, conditions aren't favorable right now. Wait, or look into other options; and ask the angels to help, guide, and comfort you." Life happens through cycles and timing. Sometimes it is the time to move and push forward, and other times it is time to rest and retreat. Not now does not mean not ever. It simply means that there is possibly better, more advantageous timing for what it is that you're wishing to do. Sometimes the act of waiting, disappointing though it may be, can be a huge blessing in disguise when in doing so it allows us to re-evaluate or revamp our initial plans and come up with something that will end up being even better. When the Angels give us a "no," there is always a reason for it, even if we cannot currently see what that reason may be. But trust that even if it is an absolute hardcore no, you are receiving that no and being redirected so that you may experience or receive something even better than what it is you originally wanted. When you are having a hard time accepting that no, or you are really feeling like you want to push forward despite that no (It won't end well. It never does.) that is when you really want to call upon your Angels and allow them to support you and guide you through that intense disappointment. Allow your Angels to come to you and comfort you through the inner tension and inner friction that no can cause. They will in the most thorough and beautiful ways. When we receive Angelic guidance in the form of a no, this is not the time to not take no for an answer! You will not do yourself any favors to try to fight against this type of divinely guided no. You will only succeed in making yourself miserable and possibly crazy. So don't do that! I promise you that you do not want to go there! Rather, ask your Angels for their help, their comfort, their insight, their suggested action steps to keep you on the right path, and especially for guidance to move forward in action when the timing is right or the circumstances more favorable. Because again, not now, does not necessarily mean not ever.

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