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A Year In The Life

Our Divine Download for January 28, 2021 is A Year From Now from the Angel Answers Oracle Cards. For some of us, this is a timing card which is specifically telling us that something we're inquiring about is going to come to fruition a literal year from now (approximately). For others of us, this is a card telling us that something we are giving an awful lot of our energy to simply will not matter a year from now. But, for all of us, this is a card about the perspective of timing. Time is an artificial construct that is designed to help us try to understand a concept that is really simply too vast for us to wrap our puny human brains around. Universal time does not exist in the same space or in the same way that our mere mortal minds try to perceive it and worse try to make it. Think back to January 28th of 2020. What was going on that day? Do you remember? Can you paint a picture of your activities that day? Give a blow by blow? Now granted, we did have a global pandemic arrive a few short months later which certainly shifted both perspective and priorities for many if not most of us. But even so, outside of the heavy hitters in the life events department (birth, death, marriage, new jobs, moves, etc.) there aren't many day-to-day details that we are liable to remember even one short year later. But how much energy did we expend on January 28th, 2020 worrying about and getting ourselves so worked up about who knows what?! Most of us did not spend the day sitting idol or devoid of emotional reactions. So take that into perspective. Consider how much of your physical and emotional energy you want to put forth towards the goings on in your own life, especially when many of those things taking our time and our energy, and possibly even stealing our peace, simply will not matter enough to even remember one year from now. The other thing that this card is telling us is to hold onto our hats because we're in for another big year of growth and change and we will not even recognize ourselves one year from now in the best possible way!

It an be hard to gain peace and hold perspective on situations when we are in the midst of them. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to see the forest through the proverbial trees. A One Question Channeled Reading can help to set you mind at ease when you are having difficulty gaining perspective surrounding one particular situation. Book yous today!

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