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Abundance Mindset Begets Community

Our Divine Download for February 28, 2023 is Honeybee/Community from the Messages From The Spirits of Nature Oracle. We can actually learn a lot from honeybees. Though we often hear negative references to the "hive" mentality, the truth of the matter is that honeybees operate in such a fashion as to ensure that what is good for one is to the benefit of all, i.e. the entire hive. Can you imagine what would happen if humans took a page out of that particular play book?! If we operated not from a place and a space where we were solely focused on our own well-being, but that of the benefit and the enhancement of others, we would be so much more in line with the laws of the universe. We, just like the bees, live on an abundant planet and in an abundant universe. #facts There is more than enough for ALL of us to have more than enough #facts So why aren't we more connected to and concerned about how our actions affect others? Because we're trained to. But that whole "every man for himself" thing really just doesn't work. It is evident in SO many ways, in SO very many places and spaces just to what extent it does not work. If we're honest about it, the majority of the bigger picture societal unrest that we experience comes from our failure to work in unison and for the good of all. Awareness is the key. Connection is a fact. Mutual cooperation is not only necessary, but essential to moving forward for the betterment of all. Together we stand, divided we fall. #facts. Never forget that we will always have more that unites us and brings us together than separates us as human beings. It's all a matter of where we choose to place our focus.

When we are feeling powerless and as though we cannot effect change on a bigger picture scale, our Angels will happily inspire small, easy, do-able Spiritual Action Steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session which will allow us to act from a place of connection for the good of all. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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