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Abundance Negates Resentments About Money

Our Divine Download for November 27, 2022 is Release Resents About Money from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. Oh boy, this is a big one. Money is such an interesting topic and truly has an interesting, if not a fascinating energy behind it. Money at the end of the day in most societies is paper and metal that have been printed, shaped, and molded to look a specific way and as such it represents something of value. That's right, money itself isn't actually worth anything. It is worth something because we as a society decided that it was and assigned it a specific value. So why do we give something that doesn't have inherent value of it's own so much power? Why do we choose to allow money to have power over us? We develop resentments about money throughout our lifetimes based on comparison to others. We are sometimes resentful because we believe or perceive that others have more money than we do. We can be resentful because we do not believe that others have earned what they have. We are resentful because we do not feel that we were fairly compensated for work that we've done or efforts that we've made with money. We can become resentful when things cost more than we believe that they should. We can become resentful when we feel that we must spend money on things that we may not want to or wouldn't be our choice to spend money on in an ideal world. We can become resentful when we lose our money. There are many, many, many reasons why we develop resentments around money. But here's the thing about money resentments: they're all bullshit and they don't matter. So go ahead and blow them right away. When we realize that we live in an abundant world and an abundant universe, there is more than enough for every single person to have more than enough. So there is no need for resentments, most of which stem from undervaluing ourselves in some way. So go ahead and breathe those resentments right out and blow them away.

Resentments can be tricky energies which can become stuck in our chakras. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading can show us where we may have blocks and resentments about money within our chakra system. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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