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Abundant Opportunities

Our Divine Download for July 9, 2021 is Opportunity from Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards. Opportunities are plentiful and abundant for us at all times. Yup. It's true! We can't always see them, so we don't always sense their presence. Much like the moon is always present, though we may not be able to see it all of the time. Still, even when we forget that the moon is there, it still is, always present, always with us, always providing light for us in the dark of night. Sometimes we may catch glimpses of the moon as it winks at us in assurance, peeking through clouds, and over trees, and illuminating the darkest of nights. The moon controls the tides, which we know naturally ebb and flow. It is in this way that opportunities flow to us throughout our life time. They may not all be present at once. They may pool in front of us. They may seem to come in and go out just like the tide. But however they present and whatever form that they take, they are always present. We are never without opportunities! Our job is to stay open and receptive to the many different and varied opportunities that present in our lives. Don't get stuck in a pattern of bemoaning the natural ebb and flow of opportunity in your life, especially when you're in the ebb cycle. Challenge yourself to recognize the opportunities that are presented to you. Challenge yourself to practice active gratitude when accepting the opportunities that are present in your life. When you do so, the opportunity, and even the type of opportunity will increase tenfold! Gratefully allow the light of opportunity in your life to illuminate your heart and your soul.

When opportunities don't look as we wish that they did, and when we are in a period of ebb rather than flow, it can be challenging to practice gratitude and to accept that opportunities that are present within our lives. Sometimes those challenges, and past disappointments can become stuck in physical bodies and energy fields. A Flower Therapy Chakra Session can show us where we might have these types of energy blocks to opportunity to allow us to go with the natural ebb and flow better. Book Your Flower Therapy Chakra Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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