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Abundant Rewards

Our Divine Download for August 15, 2021 is Lakshmi reminding us of our Abundance from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. Lakshmi assures us that abundance is coming very soon. She brings a bounty of rewards for great work, and affirms for us that the inner work that we have been doing so diligently is about to pay off in noticeable outer dividends. Lakshmi shows favor to those who have perseverance and put in hard work, so she asks that you persevere with the inner work that you have been doing. Half-assing things, especially in your inner realms will not bring favor with Lakshmi, nor will quitting right before the miracle occurs. One of the Reiki principles is "First, do your work well." This isn't just talking about the work that you do "for a living" or to earn a paycheck. This is talking about essentially any endeavor that you take one. What work will ever be more important in our lifetime that our own inner work? This is the work that grows and sustains the soul. This work is the path to abundance, not our 9-5. We tend to put so much focus on and place so much attention on the work that we do to earn a paycheck, that we don't leave time for, neglect, or completely ignore what we are truly meant to do. When you can find work that is rooted in or based in your divine purpose, all of the work you do ties into soul growth and you will experience greater abundance than ever before. If things are not yet as tangibly abundant as you may want them to be in your life, honestly assess where you have been failing to do your own inner work, how you have been neglecting yourself. When you can flip that switch and make that change, you will usher in a whole new season of beautiful, bountiful abundance.

Sometimes we may not realize where abundance blocks lie or how and where we've been neglecting out own inner work. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading will not only help us connect those dots, but will give us simple, easy to follow action steps to get our abundance flowing in no time! Book Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session Here!

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