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Accept Your Authority

Our Divine Download for February 27, 2021 is Acceptance and Authority from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. The opposite of acceptance is rejection. These cards show up for us today to ask us to look at what we may be accepting and rejecting in our lives. Are we rejecting things without thinking, based on impulse or reflex? Are we rejecting things because others have rejected them. Are we rejecting things because we may not have considered or looked at what it might feel like to be in a state of acceptance rather than rejection? We're being reminded to really re-evaluate all of the things that we accept in our lives and lean into WHY we do so - some of those answers might surprise you! We do not have to remain in a state of acceptance or rejection if once we evaluate the whys behind our choices to accept or reject we realize that these choices are not in alignment with who we are and where we want to go. By not being mindful about what we accept and reject in our lives we are allowing others, the media, society, etc. to have an unconscious authority over us in our lives which has certainly not been earned. How's that working for us? 2021 has already had a big focus on freedom, especially personal and energetic freedom. We can free ourselves substantially by mindfully accepting our own authority over the choices which we make, and the reasons why we make them. Sometimes this process of accepting our own authority, which is not always comfortable or easy, can be as simple as refusing to accept "because" as our answer. When we are in a state of rejection or a state of acceptance, there is always a why behind it. There is always a need that is being met through that choice. When we better understand our why, we can better tune into an exercise the authority that we have over these choices and these state in our lives. And there are few things more empowering than that!

When we have been in a state of not accepting, or even denying our own authority over and in our lives, it can be challenging to make the shift to take back our own inner authority. Our Angels can and will meet us in that space of discomfort and offer encouragement as well as practical, simple action steps to help us feel more empowered in our own lives with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your Session Today!


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