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Accept Your Healing Energies

Our Divine Download for April 22, 2021 is Healing with the message " Now is a time for you to give or receive healing. Everyone has a natural ability to heal others - yes, even you!" from The Oracle of the Fairies. Your rainbow after the storm comes to you in the form of a wonderful healing. Are you willing to accept this healing? Are you able to allow yourself to be healed? Are you willing to take the time and follow the guidance from your fairies and your other guides which will support you in healing yourself? Are you willing and able to believe that you are capable (more than capable!) of healing yourself? Sometimes we turn to outside sources for our healing a bit too much when most of our most profound healing comes from within us. So often time and space really can allow us to heal many of our wounds with the proper acknowledgement and perspective. Sometimes we also need to look at our definition of healing. Healing is defined as "the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again." So healing isn't a destination. Rather, it's all about the process itself. The journey. And like any good process or journey, it has stages and segments along the way. Processes and journeys are not one and done lickety split types of propositions. Are you willing to embrace your healing journey? Are you willing to allow your healing process? So very many people, places, and things take an active or a passive part in our healing. We never know when we will have the role of being the healer to another. Even if you do not identify yourself as a healer, the words that you say, the hug that you give, the light in your eyes, the way that you live, the smile that you share, all of these things can very much be part of the healing journey of another. The love in your heart heals simply by existing. You can turn up the volume on your own healing potential simply by sharing that love which naturally exists in your heart space. You are a healer. You are. Will you facilitate the expansion of the healing energies in your life? Your fairies are here to support you in doing just that!

Healing journeys take on all different shapes and forms at different segments of your healing journey. Sometimes you may need physical support in your healing journey, AromaTouch Session is the perfect way to restore your physical body to homeostasis. Book your session Here: Book Your Session!


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