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Achievement is Imminent!

Our Divine Download for October 5, 2023 is You're very close to achieving your goal/Gibbous Moon from the Moonology Oracle Cards. Well we've certainly had a lot (A. LOT.) of confirmation from the universe that the energy is shifting and that things are moving and shaking behind the proverbial scenes. This card is another confirmation offering reassurance that we are close to achieving our goal. But what goal are we close to achieving? That would be whichever goal we hold nearest and dearest in our hearts, whichever goal we feel the most passionately about. Of course this could also be a sign that we are very close to achieving multiple goals too because sometimes timing is funny like that and we go from famine energy to an absolute manifestation feast. Never rule out the possibilities. Never doubt the magic that is at play in the universe or the miracles that you are capable of experiencing in your life. Each and every day. Our limiting beliefs are one of the biggest obstacles we have to achieving our goals. Our ego based and ego driven stinkin' thinkin' is another one of our main obstacles. You can actually begin affirming each and every single day that you are close to achieving your goal. Or better yet, that you are closer and closer to achieving you goal with each and every passing day. There is great power in affirmations, not just to root in our manifestations, but also to rewire those neuro pathways attached to our limiting beliefs. Whatever you have to do, whatever you need to practice, whatever needs to be buttoned up before you reach your goal, NOW is the time to do it, because you're SO close. It's almost here. And you want to be ready when this particular blessing and achievement lands! And so it is!

Our Angels understand the battle the we have between our limiting beliefs and the magic of the universe and they will give us simple Spiritual Action Steps to help us move beyond our limiting beliefs during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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