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Acknowledge Your Standstill

Our Divine Download for September 8, 2020 is Standstill/Swamplands from the Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards. You are right to feel as though some areas of your life have slowed down or are not progressing. Certainly this is necessary from time to time. When you look beneath the surface and give attention to those areas which are not flowing, take notice where it feels like something has become immovable. The first step to becoming unstuck and pulling yourself out of the proverbial emotional swamplands is to notice and acknowledge where you are. We must pay mindful attention to those things we want to heal, grow, or move. The heart and soul only speak in and respond to the language of truth. If you found yourself stuck in a literal physical swamp, it would do you no good to insist "there are no weeds!" over and over again. It is necessary to acknowledge that there are weeds (and there will always be weeds, thus is the nature of human emotion) and following that acknowledgement you can begin to form a heart based, soul centered action plan which may include pulling some of those weeds. In your life, you need to take an honest assessment of what isn't working in your life. Once you have done so, you too will be able to take slow, steady heart based, soul centered steps to unblock the barriers which have been keeping you to be at a standstill. In nature, and in life, when you are stuck in the mud, the worst thing you can do is struggle and try to fight against it. Doing so simply causes you more struggle and usually that results in you becoming further stuck or sinking deeper into the mud. Extricating yourself is best done slowly and carefully, one step at a time. One step doesn't denote a lack of progress. One step is all it takes to become unstuck! Even before you take that slow, careful, mindful meaningful first step, just acknowledging the reality of your stuckness will do wonders to loosen the muck.

When you find yourself stuck, it's a great time to go Back to Basics! Reviewing what we know and focusing on the basics often moves things quite quickly. Book a Session!


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