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Act Now

Our Divine Download for November 28, 2020 is Ace of Fire from the Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards. Aces in Tarot always herald new beginnings. The element of fire is all about action. There is a new opportunity coming in for you, and it may very well have been one that you had a large part in manifesting. Now is the time to seize the day and take full advantage of this opportunity because good things will come when you do. You have the skills and the power to build upon the back of this golden opportunity. You have the skills and the power to continue to manifest additional opportunities and many more positive things for yourself. But, you must take action in order to do so. It's not enough that you had a hand in manifesting it. It's not enough that you recognize the opportunity. You MUST act. You must move forward. Right now. Today. There's nearly always an action step that you can take. So take it. Make sure that as you do take advantage of these opportunities you've been manifesting, that you put your most meaningful action into those opportunities which you are most passionate about and those which really inspire beautiful, positive feelings within you. When you focus most closely and most intently on those opportunities which feel best and best feed your heart, you will best position yourself in the Universal flow and things will work and move a lot more smoothly and much more easily. Doing so will also help you to create more focused manifestations in your life moving forward. So no doubting. No second guessing. No stuckness. Not today. Today is all about action. So move yourself!

Sometimes we can old emotions and energies stuck within our chakra system which can delay our manifestations and make meaningful forward action feel difficult or impossible. A Flower Therapy Oracle Reading will help you to clear our the old making room for new opportunities and guide you towards new actions. Book a Session here!


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