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Act Wisely

Our Divine Download for August 21, 2021 is Archangel Jophiel from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Archangel Jophiel brings us the message "Act with wisdom. Use information for the highest good." Archangel Jophiel is traditionally viewed as female (despite Archangels not possessing gender) and associated as the Archangel of beauty, which includes beautifying our own thoughts. However, this interpretation offers a more traditionally male appearance to Archangel Jophiel and states that this is a card of wisdom. When we take a broader look at the commonalities between interpretations, it makes sense that when we beautify our thoughts we allow for a more natural and easy connection to the innate wisdom of the universe to shine through. Living in this age of information, we are constantly bombarded with information and if can be challenging, if not feel impossible, to pull the pearls of wisdom from within so much information. The reality is that there is not wisdom contained within all information. The constant stream of information that we find ourselves surrounded with can be anything but beautiful, or anything but positive, which makes it feel about as far from any type of wisdom as one can get. So how can we possibly act with wisdom, when wisdom itself can be such a precious commodity and so very hard to come by? When we choose to focus on beautifying our own thoughts, and keeping our own energetic bodies clear, it is much easier to recognize and connect with wisdom when it does present. Knowledge is power, and not all wisdom is meant to be acted on. There is great wisdom in knowing when and if to act. When we focus on keeping ourselves and our thoughts uplifted and beautiful, focusing on the beauty within ourselves, and others, as well as the beauty that we are constantly surrounded with simply by living on mother earth, we will almost inherently know what is and is not actual wisdom and when it does and does not need to be acted upon. We will also be driven in our beauty focused state to only act in ways that are within the highest good for everyone involved. Archangel Jophiel is here to help us and guide us in these pursuits.

Because there is constantly so much information circulating in our lives, it can become difficult to hear ourselves think, much less discern any actual wisdom. Our Angels will help us with prioritizing the information in our lives to ensure that we are focusing on things for our own highest good during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session!


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