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Activate Your Gratitude

Our Divine Download for October 18, 2022 is Gratitude from The Spirit Messages Daily Oracle Deck. Gratitude is something that we often overlook. Gratitude is also something that we tend to get wrong an awful lot because most of us don't connect with and work with gratitude as a practice. So it tends to be either feast or famine in our lives when it comes to both expressing and receiving gratitude. When our hearts are full and something wonderful has happened, it is really easy to want to just burst forth with gratitude. But what about each and every single day? The more that we can connect with active gratitude for all of the things in our lives, not just the obvious things, the big things, the easy things, but the things that we tend to take for granted, the lessons that were maybe a bit more challenging, the more we will have in our lives to feel burst-at-the-seams grateful for. Gratitude is intimately connected with abundance. If you do not have all that you want in your life, if your relationships don't look the way that you want them to, tune into how you're practicing gratitude in your life and within those relationships and you will be amazed at the way you can turn things around simply by practicing active gratitude. Active gratitude isn't a passing "hey thanks" here and there. It's also not a thank you, but what's next type of energy. Gratitude also isn't a drive by type of thing, but an energy that's meant to be experienced over time. It's a heartfelt exclamation of love and appreciation. When was the last time you told a loved one that you appreciate them? Isn't it nice to when we hear that people appreciate us? Don't you think that the universe likes to hear expressed appreciate and gratitude too? Challenge yourself to adopt a practice of active gratitude to see what you can shift in your life. Challenge yourself to practice radical gratitude and see what shifts you can create within yourself, your energy, your relationships, and your life.

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