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Actively Seek Out Your Happy Endings

Our Divine Download for July 7, 2022 is Barnabus and the Prince focused on adventures, discovery, travel, and meeting destiny from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle. In order for your dreams to come true, it's time for you to take action and get out of your comfort zone. Your dreams will not come true if you do not act. Dreams rarely come true from a comfortable space. #facts Any action that you take right now, even the action of seeking as if on a quest, is going to create new opportunities and there will absolutely be a successful end to your search or quest. You will find what you seek, and so much more, and it will be so much better than you ever dreamed or imagined that it could be. When you can embody the energies of enjoyable journeys, and fun adventures, you will begin to be in the flow and the rhythm of the natural world and you may even hear the song of nature as your wish is granted. Your dreams, your success, or a specific purposeful activity is actually reaching out for you right now, mirroring your soul's reaching for it. When you let the universe know that you wish for them to deliver, all of the world conspires to help make this connection happen so that your dreams may come true. Be willing to move, be willing to seek out, be willing to be courageous, and most of all be willing to put your wishes out into the ethers in the purest, truest form. Then, me willing to receive your wildest dreams or something even better.