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Actually Actively Communicate!

Our Divine Download for September 17, 2020 is Communication from the Messages from the Mermaids Oracle Cards. They tell us "Pick up your phone and make that call. There's something you need to communicate and now's the time to do it!" It's sort of ironic that in a day and age with more advanced tools and methods of communication than ever before, we seem to be so damn disconnected from each other and from our selves. There is also a greater divide, a greater lack of true understanding when we do try to communicate these days. We are being reminded to focus on communicating with love and compassion in all of our communications because it is through love and compassion that miracles and breakthroughs occur. Your throat chakra is screaming at you that there is an imbalance in your communication right now. Are you not saying enough? Are you saying too much? Are you not saying what you really need or want to say? Most people don't feel they have the opportunity to fully express themselves in the majority of their relationship dynamics. This causes an energetic clog in their throat chakra which when left unaddressed can lead to physical symptoms and dis-ease in this area of the body. We also tend to have a limited view on what we consider communication. Maybe it's not advisable to tell your boss that he's a huge asshole (I promise that is not a good idea!), but you can write a letter to his higher self and still experience the act of expressing that communication in a safe way that doesn't increase your chances of getting fired (do not do this at work. Pro tip: burn the letter and release it's energy to the universe for greater clearing and less physical evidence!) We also are very limited in how we think communication works with our deceased loved ones and through the false paradigms we've constructed to try to make sense of time and space. We can absolutely talk to those not in our physical presence or even on our current plane of existence. We can speak aloud, whisper, or even focus on communicating through our thoughts. This card can also be a timely reminder to communicate with yourself and to listen to and receive those messages that your body is trying to share with you. Communication takes place in so many ways, through so many forms - it truly is unlimited. And when it comes to communication, follow the Shrek rule of thumb: one way or another, it's always better out than in!

Communication is one of those simple things that we humans tend to love to over complicate. A Back to Basics Reading can bring simplification and clarification to any communication issues you may be experiencing. Book a Session Here!


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