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Admit Acceptance

Our Divine Download for April 12, 2021 is Admit Your True Feelings to Yourself from The Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. The truth shall set you free. So why do we spend so much time trying to rail again the truth? This can be especially true of our own inner truths. We typically don't have a problem accepting and admitting our shiny happy, easy breezy feelings to ourselves. But, sometimes, we aren't so accepting of our more challenging, or intense feelings. We can struggle with admitting our sadness, our guilt, our anger, just to name a few. Why?! There's no such thing as positive and negative emotions or feelings. If we allow our feelings, all of our emotions, to simply be what they are, we won't be so tempted to label them or to not accept our own feelings. Our emotional nature is a part of us. It's a beautiful, wonderful part of us that allows us to experience life in a much richer, more layered manner. Our feelings, our emotions, connect us to the experiences of our lives, and to each other, and they also serve to keep us safe. That's amazing! We cannot have the light without the dark, or the challenging without the ease. Why then would we judge some of our emotions as acceptable and others as not so? It doesn't make us bad people, or lesser people to feel a certain way. It doesn't make us inferior in any way because we have thoughts or feelings which might not be completely in line with our divine right mission or our spiritual paths. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are here to learn and grow, and our emotions are a huge catalyst for both our growth and learning! Let them be! Accept what you feel. Admit what you feel. There is such great power in being in acceptance. Then, if and when something that you feel truly is not working for you, once you are in acceptance, you can take meaningful action steps to change it. It's difficult, if not impossible, to change things that we cannot even admit to and accept. Our feelings are our partners and our guides. When we accept them for what they are, rather than somehow insisting that we be defined by a single momentary feeling, we connect with ourselves in a more authentic way. And that my friends, feels pretty darned good!

Your Angels love and support you regardless of what your feelings are at any given time. If you are having difficulty accepting yourself for your true feelings, your Angels can offer you spiritual action steps to help you get out of a state of judgement and into one of acceptance. Book your 60 Minute Angel Reading Here: Book Your Session!


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