Align Your Will With The Divine

Our Divine Download for July 15, 2022 is Malachite/Will from the Crystal Ally Cards. Malachite asks us to take a good look at how and why we are using and exerting our will. The force of our will is one of the crucial energies that we use in creating our reality. Our willingness to ask the universe for assistance is necessary because our free will choice is one of the hard and fast universal laws which cannot be bent or broken, regardless of circumstance. We get to choose the role of victim or creator based on how we use and apply our will to create our experiences every single day. We also choose the role of pawn to universal energies or co-creator of our reality each and every day based on our willingness to ask for and accept help from the universe. Honestly assess if your will is aligned with ego or with the flow of the universe. When your will is aligned with ego, you will attempt to create through manipulation or coercion. When you are aligned with the divine, you release all expectations of the form that your creations and manifestations will take and you focus only on manifesting that which is for your highest good and the highest good of others. When you look at your current situation, also look at how you are using your will to both create and maintain your experience. When you choose the path of balance, striving for the right use of will, the universe will always guide you for resolution that is for the highest good. Malachite will help you clear the influence of your ego from your creations, allowing you to manifest the will of the universe. Affirm: I am in balance with the universe and its will.

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