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All Change Is Born Through Unconditional Love

Our Divine Download for May 25, 2023 is Sarada Devi, The Divine Mother with the message "Unconditional love exists within me. The presence of love is the absence of judgement." Do you practice unconditional love within your life? Do you give it? Are you able to receive it? If not, why not? What conditions have you put on loving, yourself, or others? What conditions have you put on receiving love? Though we may give some fancy lip service to wanting to receive unconditional love, because most of us never have, it is a question as to whether or not it is truly something we are ready to experience. It will be unlike anything we have every experienced before and it will be beautiful in ways that we cannot possibly even imagine. It starts with us. It starts with us loving ourselves fully and wholly and unconditionally. Right now. Not when we're thinner or more successful or have less financial debt or are better organized. Not when we're closer to whatever version of perfection we have cooked up in our heads that is necessary criteria for us to love ourselves and for others to love us. But, just as we are, exactly as we are, in the spiritual truth of this present moment in time. When we are able to truly, madly, deeply love ourselves in this way, without any conditions, we can begin to share that love with others, in the same whole hearted and authentic way as well. And this is where true love exists. This is where miracles are conceived. This is where change is born. And it all begins within.

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