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Allow Friendship to Take Flight

Our Divine Download for February 19, 2021 is Making New Friends from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. It's been a tough year in terms of relationships due to the pandemic imposed isolation. And, if we're being really real, there has been SO much focus on what divides us in the past year. So many labels, so many sides, so much name calling - we've been obsessed with our separateness and our division. We've struggles to connect with people in the ways we were used to. We've lost connections to people we once felt intimately. Part of that was necessary. It was time for us to shift and grow and refine and narrow our own personal focus a bit. But now it's time for the next act in our evolution and that next act involves other people. It's time for us to take some of the focus off of ourselves and the deep inward land in which we've been dwelling, and turn outward a little bit at a time. It's time to prioritize socialization again and relationships with others as they are necessary for our emotional health and well-being and our growth. We've all learned that with the marvels of technology and ingenuity, we can still connect to people in different ways than we were used to before. It's always possible to foster these connections, and even to build friendships and relationships in these new spaces. All of the Aquarius energy that we have a plethora of right now is all about cultivating new spaces and focusing on technology to help us advance our lives in beautiful ways. We get so stuck in our ways and so stuck in our thoughts that we forget that we don't always have to have all of the answers or all of the solutions. We just need to be open to finding new ways. We need to be willing to open and clear spaces within our lives to find and make new friends. Or maybe we need to be willing to take acquaintances into the friendship zone. Or perhaps we need to revisit relationships we had let go, or put on hold to see if there is space for them in our lives now. We have to be willing to step outside our comfy, cozy little boxes and peel off all of our relationship and friendship labels and open to the new. This is what will help us transform and emerge more fully from our cocoons. This is what will help us spread our wings and truly begin to take flight. Allow yourself to emerge and show your true beautiful colors to other people!

Sometimes the shadow, pain, and energetic cording of our past friendships and past relationship experiences can create energetic baggage which makes it difficult to move forward and embrace anything new. Clear yourself of this past baggage with an Energetic Cord Cutting. Book yours today!


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