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Allow Others To Help Your Heal

Our Divine Download for May 3, 2021 is Ruby/Bless Your Heart from the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Reach out for emotional support to heal and mend your heart." Our heart chakras are in need of some healing and it's really no wonder with all of the harsh energies that have pervaded the recent past. It's been a lot. It's been too much. And now it's time to focus on healing our heart chakras, but we actually need other people to help us do this. It's not always comfortable or easy to reach out to other people for emotional support. We fear rejection and we fear judgement. We fear that what has happened in the past, in situations where we may have felt judged or rejected, will repeat. We fear that the other people will not be able to help us or support us, especially because we frequently look to other people to fix or mitigate our struggles. There is great positive emotional energy available when we share our hurt and struggles with others. True, they might not be able to fix it, or change it, or erase it for us, but just sharing it truly does lighten our own personal burden and opens space within our heart centers. When someone else says to us "I hear you" or "I understand" these simple words can be profoundly healing in their own right. In fact, if we all took the time to listen to people with our hearts, in a heart centered way and to bless them with the acknowledgement and the validations of "I hear you" and "I understand" the world would be a vastly better place. All of those things that you've been shoving deep down in your heart center, causing your heart chakra to be overburdened are not serving you. Open up and let them out. You don't have to share them all today, but even just letting one up and out will create space to allow for great healing. It is easier to walk through life with a healed and unburdened heart. Make it a goal to put that into practice, starting right now.

When we are really struggling to share our heart centered hurts and burdens with others, our Angels are always here for us to listen, support us, and offer us guidance as to how it can become easier for us to let others in. During a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading they will offer you solutions in the form of spiritual action steps so that you can begin to heal you heart. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session!


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