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Allow The How

Our Divine Download for January 9, 2023 is Delusion from the Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "Intention without surrender can be a fast path to delusion." BOOM! I could not love this card more, and be forewarned that this statement is going to immediately make its way into my rotation. We like to set intentions, and at the turn of the year we often talk about intentions as resolutions, which truthfully isn't a word that I love. When we talk about resolutions, there is an implication that we must simply make up our minds to resolve to do something, stop something, or change something, and that we are essentially all on our own to do that. Resolutions essentially demand that we magically possess the will power to do things on our own. Yikes. No wonder so many resolutions fail, are abandoned, or fall short. When we set intentions however, we are working with the support of all of the universe (so long as we remember to ASK for their involvement and help!) and the connection to that divine support can really make all the difference in us moving forward and being successful with our intentions. Intention setting is simple: where we choose to put our focus, and our energy and actions behind our focus, is where we will see results. But our card today reminds us that there is another part to intention setting, and an important part at that: surrender. We get to set the intention. We get to provide the focus and the action to support and sustain our intention. But we absolutely do not get to tell the universe HOW our set intention will play out and mature into being. When we try, when we demand, when we insist that it must be our way or the highway, that's where we wander into the territory of delusion. Steer clear of delusion and allow the how!

Our Angels have a soft spot for us when it comes to our need to try to control and they will lovingly provide us simple Spiritual Action Steps towards surrender during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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