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Allow this Fork to Lead Your Towards Joy

Our Divine Download for February 8, 2021 is Fork In the Road from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. It wasn't so terribly long ago that we had a similar message about continuing to move forward when we come to a fork in the road or obstacles appear in our path. This is a card insisting that we must make a decision, and make no mistake about it: choosing not to decide is still a choice! But that choice simply will not work for us at this particularly junction in our lives. We must keep moving forward, but we get to decide which direction and how far we will move each and every single day. Choice is a beautiful thing. There are always choices, we just do not always choose to see them. Forks in the road are not markers to cause us to veer off course, but rather openers of greater opportunity and further choice. Choose the path that lights up your inner joy and sparks your inner enthusiasm, embracing the likelihood that this will be the path less taken. This is a moment of truth. A pivot point. A moment to choose for yourself what feels best for you and to you. And that should be your most accurate inner compass. Does this move me further down my path towards joy? Does this bring me joy? Does this feel good to me? Those are our true litmus tests for which way we should go. The choice at the fork in the road on your path is yours and yours alone. Do not allow circumstances, other people, or outside influences to make it for you. Shield yourself from these factors and tune into your true north. It is always easier to choose when we are fully present in this moment. It is also easier to choose when we do not try to avoid these necessary junctions. Absolve yourself from the idea that there is a wrong choice or a wrong direction here. There is only what moves you most fully down your path towards joy. It does not get simpler or more right than that.

Sometimes we allow obstacles on our paths and forks in the road to be misinterpreted as signs from the Universe that we should stop or not continue moving forward, which is usually nonsense. But, if you can't shake that feeling, or that uncertainty, a One Question Channeled Reading affirming your current path can be just the ticket to allow you to lean into your current choices and march more confidently forward. Ask your Question Here!

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