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Allow Your Emotions to Propel You Forward

Our Divine Download for October 24, 2021 is Perseverance from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. The orange cards in this deck relate to your second chakra and focus on how we observe and relate to our emotions. Perseverance is all about getting yourself back on track and reminds you not to quit right before the miracle occurs. This card speaks of steadfast work, success, and miracles happening begind the scenes. This card encourages us to break through our tough times and our big emotions, possibly even learning to harness them and steer them towards our desired manifestation. We are encouraged now to tune into the unseen help that is at work in our lives, acknowledging it, speaking to it in gratitude, and faithfully believing that it is in fact happening for us right this very instant. It is through this connection to and faith in the unseen that you will find your path to move forward and to overcome doubts. Do not take your big or your difficult feelings for granted. But rather, allow them to propel you towards a new and different level of self mastery and success in its own right. You are being asked "can you ignore the feelings that would sidetrack you?" How will you experience those feelings in order to allow them to provided movement forward? Will you let go of fer and persevere? Is the fear serving you? Is the fear propelling you towards or away from your dreams? Our emotions are meant to help us and we are being asked to work with them, but in order to do so we may have to take a step back and look at our default response to certain emotions. This is a brand new day and a whole new level of emotional intelligence if we choose to embrace it as such!

When we feel as though we have been pushing, or even struggling for so long towards a goal and continue to receive set backs and face obstacles it is natural to feel discouraged. Check in with yourself in a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading to see if you have any emotions stuck or blocking your energy centers which may be derailing you and your success. Book Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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