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Allow Your Heart To Bloom

Our Divine Download for September 10, 2022 is Lotus Rose from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. Just like the lotus that blooms from the depths of the waters through unknown amounts of muck and mire, this card heralds a time of positive transformation for you which is about to unfold in your life. We're talking deep changes. Profound changes. Heart level changes. The universe will send new and loving experiences your way as your heart blooms and open and the muck of past hurts and disappointment fall away and heal. The new friendships, relationships, and opportunities coming in for you will be deeply rewarding and inspiring. As your heart opens, you are actively raising your vibration which will begin to attract all that vibrates to love. Just like we saw the other day, when you have an awareness of love within and around yourself, you will also experience an abundance of love. This card is a blessing from the universe as it is rewarding you for hard work well done. The beauty of your life that lies ahead will make the muck and hardship of the pasts pale and the emotional distance from that darkness and those times increase with each passing moment of each passing day. Now is the time to enjoy watching yourself bloom as your heart opens. Now is the time to exercise the courage to expect positive things to come. Now is your time. It's all happening. And it truly couldn't be more beautiful or more exciting. And so it is!

Reiki can help integrate these types of big, profound changes into your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with gentleness and greater ease. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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