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Allow Yourself to Catch Fire

Our Divine Download for September 22, 2022 is Krishnau from the Kali Oracle Cards. The name Krishnau translates to "you are fire." Agni is the two-headed deity of fire and a potent symbol of supernatural power. What stokes your inner fires? Are you living a passionate life? Are you allowing yourself to become "fired up" over things that do not matter in the greater scheme of things? When was the last time that you took the time to connect to and tend to your inner fire, or to fan those inner flames? Fire is necessary for purification and regeneration. On a spiritual level, fire attracts the soul, helping it finds its way through the darkness toward the warmth and the light. How do you view fire? Do you see it as life-enhancing or destructive? Are you able to shift your perspective in order to see it as both? Fire has alchemical properties which transform physical materials as well as the subtle body of the soul. Krishnau signals tremendous potential for personal transformation and spiritual growth. You may feel as though you are struggling, but your soul is actually gaining strength, catching fire. Krishnau reminds us that there is spiritual intelligence within our soul. It is the genius of becoming, of ripening, from potential into glorious manifestation. Intimate communion with our own heart will reveal what it is we truly yearn for and set the process in motion for that yearning to be satisfied. Kali is the holy fire and she is within our soul. Follow the yearning, seek the light. Let yourself burn bright for what inspires you, and you shall seek the path to fruition clearly before you. Believe in what is meant to be. And so it is.

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