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Allow Yourself to Receive on the Regular

Our Divine Download for February 1, 2021 is Chrysoprase reminding us "Allow Yourself to Receive" from the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Deck. It often feels easier to give than to receive. But, when we have blocks to receptivity, not only do we make it waaaaayyyyyyyyyyy harder than it needs to be to manifest, we also deny others the joy of giving to us. Receiving is a necessary and healthy part of human existence. Where do you give more than you receive? Why do you give more than you receive? What feelings come up for you surrounding the idea of receiving? Where can you shift to create more balance in your relationships? Open up to receiving as much as you give. You cannot pour from an empty cup and your are worthy of receiving. The Universe is trying to give to you! Are you blocking the gifts from the Universe? Are you blocking gifts from others? When we aren't mindfully connected to ourselves and to the Universe, we can fall into a pattern or a habit where we are asking the Universe for giving to us, but our arms are energetically (or physically) folded in front of our chests blocking any receptivity we may have. Take a big, deep, full body cleansing breath and open your arms as wide as you possibly can. Declare to the Universe "I am open to receive!" Take a couple of cleansing and balancing breaths in this posture and see if anything comes up for you emotionally or even physically within your body. Graciously receive that information. Chyrsoprase asks you to affirm "I allow myself to receive." Will you? Can you? Chrysoprase also challenges you to simply say "thank you" without hesitation or doubt to all compliments and gifts which may come your way today. Where can you allow yourself to receive more? Where can you simply work on being more receptive? In order for their to be a beautiful balance of giving and receiving in our lives, we need to also allow balance of receiving what the Universe is giving to us. Arms wide open, and receive!

It can feel challenging to allow ourselves to receive when we have experienced conditioning that has told us that we are not worthy to receive throughout our lives. Some of that conditioning may not even belong to us or our experiences, but has been passed down to us through the genetics of our family line, our ancestral dna. Energetic cord cuttings will cut the negative cords of attachment to these beliefs and experiences to allow us to receive fully and deeply in perfect partnership with the universe. Book yours today!

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