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Allow Yourself to Soar

Our Divine Download for August 3, 2020 is Soaring Into Joy "Childlike wonder fills my life." from the Gateway Oracle Cards. Ahem. Did you happen to notice that mere days ago we had another message about joy?! Your Angels are rather insistent with these messages that it is time for us to lighten up. It's time to unburden ourselves. It's time to allow ourselves to be uplifted. It's time to play!!! It's time to connect with your inner child, and all of your past inner children that knew what that meant, that understood the importance and the value of play. So often people lose that part of themselves. They disconnect from the sense of childlike wonder and innocence and true, heartfelt, full bodied and full soul enjoyment. THAT'S what the Angels are not-so-subtly encouraging you to reconnect with. Even when you are stuck doing your most gut wrenchingly boring, most mundane tasks, there are ways to infuse joy, levity, and fun into those troublesome tasks. Challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to bring the fun, the joy, the lightness, the wonder into ALL of your tasks. There are ways to level up each and every single thing that you do in the joy department - sometimes you just have to be more creative to find those ways. If you have difficulty or feel challenged to experience joy or even to realize what does and does not bring you joy or feel good to you, start small and safe. It might be easier to focus on what your absolute favorite dessert is and indulge in that, that to feel childlike and joyful in a job that you absolutely hate. But you can get to the latter by focusing on and layering up those former smaller, easier situations and circumstances. When you commit to joy and begin to connect with indulge and entertain your inner child, it won't take long until you're truly soaring, floating above the clouds. Feeling joyful not only rejuvenates you, but it is a gift to the world because it is so very healing. Joy will radiate out of you and touch everyone and everything you interact with. Joy is absolutely contagious! And that's a contagion that we can all willingly get behind and embrace.

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