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Allowing Self Acceptance

Our Divine Download for June 19, 2020 is Love & Accept Yourself from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. Hey you: you're pretty darned great you know! Seriously!! If reading that statement of fact (FACT!) didn't resonate withing your being with anything other than a resounding "damn straight I am!" We've got a lil work to in the self love and acceptance department, and that's okay. We live in a world of comparisons and of conditions. You know, I can't love myself until x happens. I'll be perfectly content after y. I would be able to accept myself if only I were more like so-and-so. And on and on it goes. Because comparisons and conditions are a never ending cycle. BUT, your Angels love you right here, right now, exactly as you are. JUST as you are. No ifs, no whens, no changes, exactly as you are at this moment in time. AND, they very much want that level of love and acceptance for you. From you. How loving and accepting you are of yourself is directly correlated with how loving and accepting others are of you. Whoa. So, that means if you want more love and acceptance in your life, you have to treat yourself with more love and acceptance. So how do you cultivate a self culture of love and acceptance when maybe you've spent a whole lot of years not loving or accepting who and what you are? Well, first, you've gotta stop with the comparisons. You're not anyone else (thank goodness!) and really, how things look on the outside often involve a lot of smoke and mirrors and are not an accurate representation of who and what people really are. Second, if you cannot instantly cultivate self acceptance, try on self allowance for size. Making allowances for things about ourselves which might not be perfect (hint: no one is) and might not be or look the way that we want them to paves the road for acceptance. Try it: I'm a work in progress, and that's okay! My jeans won't zip, and that's alright. My attention span was shot today, and it'll probably be better tomorrow. And so on. Your Angels would also love it it if you would start to keep a running inventory of your greatest hits - things that have gone right for you, times that you felt like you just slayed at life, moments of pride, etc. This helps remind you of the reality of who and what you really are. Connecting to your greatness in any way that you can cannot help but cultivate an inner culture of self love!

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