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Allowing Self Respect

Our Divine Download for June 14, 2020 is Self Respect from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. Self respect actually has a negative connotation for many people depending on their backgrounds and past experiences. We just saw a message days ago alluding to this very thing, and now, it comes into clearer focus for us again. Self respect has a lot to go with allowance: allowing you to be exactly who you are in each and every way with no judgement and no apologies. Because you're pretty darned great you know. And there's no one else like you. And that uniqueness is meant to be celebrated and revered. When was the last time that you celebrated yourself or any of your accomplishments? When was the last time that you met yourself in the space where you are without trying to analyze it or fast forward to the moving out of that space part of the program? If you don't treat yourself with respect, with admiration, with love, how can you possibly expect anyone else to do so? Also, if you don't let others know what you need and what you want, what you deserve, and what you expect, how can you be sure that they will ever figure it out (hint; they may not.) You want to love and honor yourself enough to surround yourself with people who will respect and honor you as well by trying to meet those of your needs that they are realistically able to meet, and wanting to do so. Those who would judge you for asking for what you need, or insisting on the respect that you deserve, are not those who truly value you (or themselves). Be willing to advocate for yourself. Be willing to honor yourself by voicing your concerns and asking for your needs to be met. Be willing to celebrate your successes. Be willing to partner with Archangel Michael on any of these things that feel challenging or foreign to you. He is encouraging you to respect yourself enough to insist on respect from others.

Many of us were not raised in environments which were conducive to us respecting ourselves and it can be a daunting prospect to begin to cultivate self-respect, and a bit overwhelming in the "how on Earth do I do that?!" department. This can be a great topic to touch in with your Angels about through a 60 minute Angel Card Reading because they love and cherish you SO deeply, they are full of action steps to help you do just that: Book a Session!

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