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Answer The Call of Peace

Our Divine Download for June 5, 2021 is Peacekeeper who guides us to "Let Go of the Need to Be Right" from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards. There's an inner warrior who lives deep within each and every one of us. Sometimes that warrior becomes bored, confused, and a bit misguided and wants to defend us to the death, regardless of whatever the perceived battle they are fighting. The thing of it is, it isn't worth it. It isn't worth sacrificing our peace to prove a point, or even to get our point across. When we have to fight so much and so hard to convince someone of something, to get them to see, or accept our point, do you really believe that they will ultimately be swayed by our point of view? Do you really think that they will take it to heart? Probably not. Peace is calling to her, and you can choose to answer her, and guide yourself and make your decisions accordingly, or you can choose to continue to let your inner warrior to run amuck. We are being guided to choose peace and happiness over being right. Now I can hear some of you saying that being right brings you peace and happiness, and I'm going to call bullshit on that. Being right brings a temporary and transient type of happiness which needs to be fed regularly in order to be sustainable. If you truly believe that you are right within yourself, you should be able to stand peacefully in that knowledge, regardless of outer circumstances or acceptance from others. You're still right, whether they choose to accept or believe that or not! So why does it matter to you what someone else accepts or believes?! Don't allow them and their choices be responsible for your peace. It just isn't worth it. Peace is calling to you. It's your nature. It's your birth right. Will you answer her call?

When we shift and move towards peace, deciding that we do not need others to acknowledge our rightness, there can be residual energies within our physical bodies from the times that we did not choose peace. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading can be the perfect way to identify and address those stuck past energies within our bodies. Book Yours Today: Book Your Session Here!


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