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Answer the Call of Your Intuition

Our Divine Download for October 19, 2020 is Intuitive Nudges from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. Hello? Your intuition is calling. Are you going to pick up? Are you going to answer that? Your intuition has been trying desperately to get your attention for a while now. Your intuition has some very important and profound things to say to you. Your intuition is a partner. Your intuition is a gift. Your intuition is the greatest gift that we posses. And yes, your intuition is something that each and every one of us have. Really. Truly. Intuition is the language of your soul (told you it's been trying to get your attention!) Through this divine rite gift of intuition that each and every one of us was born with, we connect to the Universe, our higher selves, and our Divine Spirit. So it's a pretty big deal. And it's practically screaming at you for you to pay some attention to the things it is saying to you. Often times the whisper of our intuition gets drowned out by the screams of our ego. Our ego is loud and doesn't play well with others, especially our intuition. The answers that we seek from others, from outside of ourselves, are often already waiting within ourselves through the window of this intuitive connection. When you peel back the layers of interference, clutter, and damage that the outside world has been building onto our backs throughout the course of our life times, blocking us from fully experiencing our intuitive connection, we can begin to condition our intuitive muscles the same way that we would condition any other muscle group. Over time and with practice, we can feel, sense, and know when our answers arrive. It is very important that we trust, and do not dismiss, but embrace what we physically feel in our bodies. Our bodies are in direct and cooperative partnership with our intuition. Be aware of and receptive to your dreams, synchronistic signs, the things that people say around you, even what you see on tv or in FB ads - intuitive nudges can take any form! Learning to trust your intuition and tuning into the intuitive nudges that your intuition drops for you like proverbial bread crumbs can open your eyes to a world that you never thought possible. Follow those intuitive nudges and see for yourself!

Learning to trust your intuitive guidance and connect with your own personal soul center as well as your guides can be challenging to many people for many reasons. A 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can be a great way to receive some specific guidance in the forms of action steps and help you to identify and work with your own intuition and your guides. Book a Session!


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