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Ask and Make Room To Receive

Our Divine Download for May 18, 2023 is Prayer from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards. Mother Mary suggests "Instead of worrying, I pray about this situation to bring about real solutions." Prayer is one of the simplest forms of communication available to us and between us and our heavenly helpers, but it's also one that we screw up fairly often. First, prayer only works when we actually do it. To say that we do it, but then not follow through, really accomplishes nothing but lip service. We also have to surrender the HOW our prayers will be answered (as as already mentioned this week the WHEN) which is easier said than done in many cases and for many reasons. But the biggest way we drop the proverbial prayer ball is that we misunderstand that prayer is really a two-part process. The asking/wishing/making the request part is only the FIRST part of prayer. The second, and possibly more important part of the prayer program comes when we meditate or clear our minds in order to intentionally make space for the answers to our prayers to land. If we don't do this second part, then we won't have the space, the room, or the capacity to hear our Angels and our guides when they do whisper the guidance that their answers often appear as. When we follow the guidance we are literally getting closer to the answers to our prayers. So invest in your prayer practice and commit to clearing mental space to allow the answers to come in to you and for you. It's so far beyond worth it!

Our Angels understand that we sometimes feel ignored or unheard when we pray and they will help us tweak our prayer practice so that it is a two-way communication street during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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