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Ask for Courage

Our Divine Download for December 10, 2020 is Lion/Courage from the Power Animals Oracle Cards with the message "ASK for what you want." The people around you, even those intimately involved in your life, they're not mind readers. So don't assume that those around you will know what your preferences and desires are at any given moment - it's not their job to do so! It is however our job to rise up and be assertive in a way that will clearly and directly express our needs and desires. We allow our needs and desires not to be met and to be ignored because we refuse to express them for whatever reason. Then we become resentful and feel misunderstood, even mis-treated when our needs are not met. Sometimes we are also afraid that if we express our needs and desires that they will not be met or that we will be judged harshly for them. But, if that's the worst that can happen, then so what? People are constantly judging us and it only has the effect on us that we allow it to. However if you do not ask, you are guaranteed not to get what you want. And that seems like a bad plan. Sometimes, we may not know what it is that we do want. And that's okay. But, we have to connect in with ourselves and figure out what it is exactly that we want or need, rather than assigning others the task of figuring it out or worse penalizing them when they do not. The more personal our needs or desires, the harder it can be to ask. But, really, what are we actually risking? That someone will say no? That we won't get what we ask for? That we might be judged? Again, we're constantly being judged anyway, so at least be judged and have what you want and need at the same time - which will fulfill you and make it that much easier to disconnect from the judgement. Ask yourself too if you would judge others for the request that you want to make. Chances are you would not. So chances are better than not that they will not judge you when you do your asking. Are you judging yourself for what it is you need or desire? If so, why? What is that accomplishing? What is that rooted in? When you refuse to ask for what you want and what you need, you are basically telling the Universe that you don't want or need anything and you are therefore out of the flow of abundance. You are also denying others the joy of giving to you. Do you really want to do that? Can you afford to do that? Yes, sometimes it takes courage to ask for what we want and need. But, courage is required of us if we are to live our most connected and abundant lives. And that is what we are all here to do.

Asking can be difficult when we have been in a lifelong pattern of not doing so. Sometimes it is too daunting to start by asking people and it can feel easier and gentler to begin by asking our Angels and Guides. Learn how to do so in a Back to Basics Session. Book Your Session Here!


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