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Ask For Support From The Ancients

Our Divine Download for August 31, 2021 is The Ancients from The Earthcraft Oracle Cards. The Ancients are not just our own ancestors, but rather they are a collective of beings who have walked on the earth plane before and are available to every single one of us who choose to walk on the earth plane, in order to support us and guide us through our earthly experience. They always watch out for us and support us in ways that our mere mortal minds cannot even fathom. Sometimes their guidance shows up as an inner knowing that wasn't available to us before, sometimes it is that gentle whisper through the wind in the trees which we may not even realize that we hear. The Ancients have many subtle, gentle, loving ways of making themselves known to us and sharing the collective wisdom of their experience. They are available to us at any time and at all times and we can call on them now without needing to know the specifics of their identity. Sometimes when we may feel as though we have been backed into a proverbial corner, or as though we need an extra helping hand, this is the perfect time to call on the wisdom and the support of the ancients. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness and is always the greatest show of strength. There is so, SO much help available to us at all times, but we do need to ask for that help in order to be able to receive it. The hard and fast law of free will choice will not allow any of our guides, including those who came before, to intervene without our permission and request for them to do so. Sometimes these types of cards come up for us when we have personally done everything that we can within a certain situation and it is time for us to ask for help, guidance, and support. We are being guided to surrender the situations to the ancients who will help facilitate the highest and best possible outcome for all involved.

It can feel a bit odd, or even a wee bit scary to connect with the ancients, or our other guides or angels when we have not done so in the past. Our Angels assure us that this is a natural and beautiful process, and will help us make meaningful connections to the ancients during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session Today!


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