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Ask For The Help You Need

Our Divine Download for April 9, 2023 is Ask For Help From Others from the Angel Answers Oracle Cards. We don't have to do it all by ourselves. This is a misguided notion that get's drilled into our heads in our toddler years. It is not only safe to ask for help from others, but it is necessary, and in reality it makes a lot of sense. The best most efficient usage of our time and energy comes from us using our energy in the best and most efficient way. This happens when we each, individually focus on what it is that we are good at, gifted in or skilled with and do that. We can then in turn ask those around us, either those whom are already in our lives, or those who we may need to seek out and bring into our lives for their expertise. But so often, we don't do this because we are stubborn, or we have not learned how, or we need to unlearn our resistance to the idea that we are stronger together than we are apart. We martyr ourselves and take everything on ourselves and then we become totally, utterly, and completely overwhelmed. Which is absolutely NOT the best or most efficient use of our time or our energy. When we ask others for help, what is the worst that can possibly happen? That they say no? Or not right now? Or that's not something that I can do? Okie dokie. Then we can move on to asking someone else. But instead we often personalize this no, taking on the idea and the energy that they are saying no to or rejecting us, rather than our request. But if they really are not able to help, wouldn't you rather they say no? No is not always about us, in fact, it rarely is. So ask. Utilize your resources. Help is on the way. When and if you seek it out.

Asking for help is something that can be extra challenging for us when we have negative cords of attachment to certain situations or people who have perhaps said no to us or by whom we have felt rejected in the past. An Energetic Cord Cutting can be extremely helpful in clearing this energy and allow us to move forward and ask for help more freely and more easily. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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