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Assess Your Devotion

Our Divine Download for May 15, 2024 is Devotion "As I fully commit to my values, relationships, and God, I am clear about what to do next" from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle. If you are not fully committed to yourself, your relationships, or the Divine (however you may define the Divine), you will not be receiving clear guidance and direction about what to do next and where to go in your life. So if you find yourself at a crossroads where you do not feel as though you are receiving clear guidance or direction as to what the next steps are for you, assess your devotion and see where you need to lock that down in your life. It could be that you have been making choices (or others are attempting to make choices for you) that are compromising your values, which degrades your integrity, putting a layer of ick over your aura that becomes hard for divine guidance to circumvent. It could be that there are relationships in your life where you perhaps need to invest your energy differently, and your energetic body is so overrun with the energy of others, that there is no way for divine guidance to break through. It could also be that you have become disconnected from the Divine (which can happen for a number of different reasons so don't be hard on yourself about this because EVERYONE goes through it from time to time!) and instead of trusting and allowing yourself to have an active working relationship with the Divine, you are disconnecting, or questioning, and in just about every state possible than the state of love and trust that you must be in to allow divine guidance through. So look at your priorities. Look at to whom and to what you are devoted. Make whatever changes you need to make accordingly. And prepare to be be crystal clear about what comes next.

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