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Attract Abundance Optimistically

Our Divine Download for November 20, 2002 is Positivity, Faith, And Optimism and Attracting, Not Chasing from The Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. The Angels of Abundance come to us with some very specific guidance to level up our Abundance game. First, wherever you are at with your abundance currently, they are insisting that you have faith and be optimistic that you can positively be somewhere even better! So that's great! We tend to lump all Abundance into the category of money and finances and we also tend to assume that things will always be as they are (or gasp! worse!). We unintentionally limit ourselves over and over and over again each and every single day by not holding onto faith and being optimistic and holding a positive attitude about all abundance related things. We unintentionally play too small with our abundance and this is in part genetic patterning and in part because we limit ourselves with limiting thoughts. And what's worse - we tend to only think about Abundance from a lack mentality as our ego makes a check list of everything we don't have right now that we wish that we did. We also tend to only relate to Abundance in fear and that actually pushes our manifestations away because it creates a desperate dynamic where we are chasing down and clawing our way to hold onto whatever we want to have. And that doesn't work out terribly well for us in the end. It's MUCH easier to relax into an abundance mindset from an optimistic place of attraction. What if instead of affirming the gloom and doom of the situation you look around and affirm what you DO have? Realistically, most of us will not be living in our cars tomorrow or next week, but our ego sure likes to make us think that. Realistically, most of us have always been provided for. We haven't starved or died yet (need trick if you're reading this and you have!) So that's reality. Not lack. Not fear. And we can be positive, that left unchecked, that reality will likely continue, or something even better. It is that something even better that we want to mine the energy of. How can you inflate your current manifestation goals? How have you been playing too small? What limited or fear based messages are you "accidentally" affirming? Affirmations like "I will be provided for beyond my expectations" and "The Universe showers me with blessings of Abundance" are a great place to start to build in that positive mindset. When your focus your energy there, it leaves little room for scarcity thinking or chase energy. Cultivate the positive. It is a vastly more Abundant place to be!

Abundance work can be challenging based on our backgrounds and core beliefs, but our Angels always have our backs when it comes to Abundance. Book an Abundance focused 60 Minute Angel Card Session today and let your Angels inspire and guide you to your most Abundant life. Book a Session!

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