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Balance Your Approach to Abundance

Our Divine Download for January 4, 2022 is Four of Pentacles from The Golden Girls Oracle Cards. In other tarot interpretations the four of pentacles is also known as the four of coins, the four of earth, the four of autumn, and the four of Archangel Ariel. The Four of Pentacles reminds us that we need to let go of some things in order to allow the energies of abundance to better flow to us. Are you holding onto people, possessions, situations, or past issues that are no longer serving you? Why? When we hold onto these things that just don't work for us or feel good to us, we can create a lack of openness, block or obstruct our progress, and even turn inward in an isolated type of way that is unhealthy and somewhat egocentric. It just doesn't work for us. We have worked hard to have what we have, and we are not meant to hoard it. We are meant to invest in ourselves and in using what we have worked for in order to build a life that we love. We are not meant to perpetually keep saving for a rainy day. There must be balance (hmmmm, wasn't that a big theme for us yesterday too?!) when it comes to what we spend and what we save. There must be balance with investing in ourselves and supporting charities. Money and our finances are really just energy at the end of the day. Energy is meant to circulate and is meant to flow. Money is meant to be handled with both reverence and intention. If you are not feeling connected to your own abundance and thinking about money causes you to be pessimistic or apathetic, this is a sure sign that you are out of balance with the energetic flow of money within your life. What will you do, how will you choose to bring back better balance moving forward?

Finances and abundance can be tricky concepts for many of us because we inherit the energies and beliefs of our families of origin which they pass down through their dna and their cellular memory. If you have been struggling in these areas with stuff that maybe just doesn't feel like yours, you may need an Energetic Cord Cutting to sever the negative cords of attachments associated with these areas of your life. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting HERE: Book Your Session Today!


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