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Balance Your Dark And Light Through Acceptance

Our Divine Download for December 2, 2021 is Inanna The Queen of Heaven and Earth from The Divine Feminine Oracle Cards with her message "I have nothing to hide. I see and accept all that I am." Inanna ask us to consider "Can I love my shadow as much as my light?" This is our invitation from her to get naked and to drop our defenses. She wants us to see how holy and sacred it is to be vulnerable. Just as we accept "as above, so below" as a spiritual and alchemical adage, a proof that heaven and earth are not separate, we are being asked to accept that within us, there are truths that exist there which also exist on the surface of our daily lives. If we keep exerting great amounts of energy to keep from seeing our shadow, it is actually playing a large role in our conscious life. It costs us more energy and discomfort to fight and judge those shadow parts of ourselves than it does to accept it. What would it look like for you to accept the shadow version of yourself? What would it mean for you to accept the shadow parts of yourself? When we can face what we think is dark or negative about us, to truly see it for what it is (i.e. a beautiful broken place that's a call for love) - then we can emerge more whole. We can merge the light and dark aspects of our being thus creating a more healed and whole version of ourselves. When we do this, we also stop projecting our unhealed and unaccepted shadow parts onto other people in an attempt to bring them light. We can see and own the hot mess that we sometimes are and not get sabotaged by it. This is how we ensure that our light can cast an appropriate shadow.

Our Angels see all of who we are, the light and the dark, and love us just the same. Touch in with your Angels and shine some light on those unacknowledged dark parts during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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