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Balance Your Life Through Gratitude!

Our Divine Download for November 13, 2022 is Soulful Appreciation/Heartfelt Gratitude from the Energy & Spirit Oracle. This is a clear sign that your life is a bit out of balance. BUT, no worries because it comes with a clear and simple prescription to bring better balance into your life (as well as some beefy manifestations) immediately: Gratitude. Pure, heartfelt, soulful gratitude. It will literally change your life, right now. I'm not just talking about the "hey thanks!" kind of drive by gratitude, but I am talking about the type of appreciation you show to someone and the universe when you are so emotionally moved and connected that you have tears in your eyes and you feel like you could just explode because you are SO freakin' grateful to them and for them. When was the last time that you told the people in your life that you appreciate them? When was the last time that you have a sincere shout out to the universe for all (ALL!) that you have? It's time. It's well past time. This card is a sure sign that you have been neglecting properly expressing appreciation and gratitude and that energy, or lack thereof as the case may be is what is causing an imbalance in your life. If you are blocked in ANY way, in ANY are of your life, turn up the gratitude and appreciation in ALL areas of your life. How much would it mean to those in your sphere to hear what they mean to you? That they are in fact appreciated? Let's challenge ourselves and each other to create a giant wave of heartfelt, soulful gratitude and appreciation today and see if we can't maybe change our whole world just a little bit, for the better!

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