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Balance Your Needs and Those of Your Loved Ones

Our Divine Download for February 7, 2022 is Full Moon in Libra/Find A Balance from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards. Ah, Balance. Balance is going to be huge for us this year, and it's really going to be a key to moving forward in the most effective ways and living our best possible lives. We have all been out of balance for so long, that many of us have forgotten that we ever knew what balance even was. It almost seems as though the harder we focus on achieving balance, the more out of balance things become. Balance is a concept of fluidity. As humans, we do not always excel at being fluid, going with the flow, being in the flow. Balance isn't an end point that we achieve and then we're done. Rather, balance is a state of being that allows us to flow better and more easily through life. Balance is macrocosmic, not microcosmic. What creates and holds balance for us at one point in our lives may not ever look the same again. Because we are always changing and growing and the world around us is also always shifting and changing. We do not live on a motionless planet or in a solar system of stillness. While we all need to look after ourselves, we also need to find a balance between what we need and what someone else needs. Have you been overly focused on self? Have you been overly focused on others? Put yourself in the shoes of others because once you understand where they're coming from and why, you can take action to prioritize their needs as well and to create balance. Make up your own mind about your situation and do not allow yourself to be overly influenced by others. You and you alone know how to best find balance in your own life and in your dynamics with others. Just don't forget to balance everyone's needs as you make a plan to move forward. When you remember that we are all co-creating, so getting others on your side by being understanding creates win-win-win dynamics.

When life has felt out of balance, and you're maybe not sure how to get it back to a balanced base line, it is the perfect time to check in with your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading to allow them help you focus on creating divinely inspired balance in your life. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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