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Balanced Compromise

Our Divine Download for August 11, 2020 is A win-win outcome is forecast/Full Moon in Libra from the Moonlogy Oracle Cards. The energies of compromise and balance are being illuminated in your life right now. Compromise gets a bad rap and can actually be a button word for some people because we assume that compromise means that we won't get what we want, we won't get everything that we want, or that we "lose" in some battle we have created in conflict with another person in our mind. The reality is that there are absolutely compromises to be had and to be discovered in which BOTH people come away feeling as though they've won. Often times this "winning" is merely due to getting out of your own way by changing your perception about the situation to be more balanced and more focused on mutually acceptable compromise and less about being right or winning. There is no winning when people are in conflict. There is absolutely no winning when you are in conflict. The only winning to be had comes from the end of the conflict. And does it even matter if you're right or who was right? Right is a hand. Right is a direction. Right is not a way to be. What is right for you likely won't be for everyone. "Rightness" is subjective. We fixate on rightness because we're seeking validation. But guess what? Validation obtained through being "right" or through winning is empty and just leaves us needing more validation. It becomes an ugly seemingly endless cycle. What does being right get you? What does it accomplish? Often times many of us end up stuck in a cycle of validation through rightness because we were invalidated or dismissed by others when we were trying to share or express our inner knowing. But your inner knowing doesn't equal rightness and it isn't something that can be diminished or taken away from you. Balance yourself and your outlook by finding ways to validate yourself which do not involve others. Approach all situations with others through a lens of possibility and hope that everyone can get all if not most of what they want through compromise so that everyone feels as though they have won. Balance your relationship dynamics by seeking to resolve and end conflict through compromise. Balance within yourself and balance within your relationships is beyond a win-win dynamic. That's winning at life!

When you've been embroiled in the dynamics of conflict without resolution it can be challenging to see anything beyond the conflict, much less resolution inducing compromise. A One-Question Channeled Reading can be super helpful in helping you see compromise, resolution, and more: Book A Session!

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