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Be Devoted to Your Magic

Our Divine Download for November 15, 2021 is Saint Germain/Karma Releasing and Krishna/Devotion from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. It wasn't so very long ago that we saw Saint Germain reminding us that we are magic and helping us to learn to connect to our own magic and the magic of the universe. Today he reminds us "Move beyond drama. Create your own path. Make room for good energy." Saint Germain is here now to help us clear our energy so that we don't have to feel as though we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. He asks us to have an awareness that an old pattern is leaving our life in order to create space for something much more loving to enter. Visualize yourself surrounded by a fiery violet cloak to release all of the karma that you no longer need. Krishna asks us to trust this, and all of our spiritual guidance. He reminds us that our commitment has been recognized and that we are love unconditionally. Because we have a deep spiritual connection (we do!) Krishna asks us to trust the spiritual guidance that is coming through and assures us that it is safe for us to do so. Even if if feels as though you have been through a mental and emotional battlefield, there are messages of sweet hope and unconditional love around us now. Krishna is here to boost our connection to the divine and encourage us to act from our soul. When there are decisions to be made, Krishna suggests that we ask ourselves which decision will honor our soul and those of those around us. When you are able to choose the best for all involved, then you will feel even closer to and more connected to the divine. Both Saint Germain and Krishna remind us that we will recognize the difference between spiritual guidance and ego based guidance over time, and that we may call on them for their help in doing so. Spiritual Guidance will always feel warm, loving, supportive, and expansive, even when it is cautionary in nature. The messages of our ego often feel sharp, cold, and envoke fear and negative emotions within us. We will always feel loved and supported when we receive divine guidance. Call on Saint Germain and Krishna to make way for you to connect more fully and more actively to your own magic and that of the whole universe!

We may have energetic blocks making it difficult for us to express the full extent of our magic, and blocking or dampening our spiritual guidance. Remove those blocks and balance your energy with a 60 Minute Integrative Reiki Session. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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