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Be Honest About Your Intuition

Our Divine Download for February 21, 2023 is Be Honest With Yourself from the Healing With the Fairies Oracle Cards. We've talked in very recent days about authenticity and reconnection and a whole lot about feelings. Now we're going to pivot slightly because this card is screaming at us about our intuition rather than our feelings. More accurately, as the fairy on the card communes with her dragon fly spirit guide, this card screams at us about our intuition and why we don't honor it more...why we deny it... why we aren't honest with ourselves about who we are and the vastness of what we are connected to (Hint: EVERYTHING!) Each and every single one of us is intuitive by nature. #facts Each and every single one of us is divinely connected #facts So why can't we just call that spade a spade?! Why do we choose to fear and deny who we are? Why can't we just honor our abilities and be honest with ourselves that we know the things? It's okay for us to know the things! It's important for us to know the things! We're supposed to know the things! That doesn't mean that all of us are meant to work as professional psychics, but it does mean that we can give ourselves the space to honor the connections that we do have. To the universe. Our Angels. Our guides. Our Ancestors. OURSELVES. Because if we're all connected (and we are!) it's important for us to know ourselves too. So meet yourself where you're at and accept yourself for who and what you are and honor all of your capabilities and capacities. Because you're pretty darned amazing!

When we haven't been formally trained to work with or acknowledge our intuition, it can feel as though we are losing our minds when we really start to lean in and acknowledge it. Our Angels are happy to support us in this process during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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