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Be Positively Certain Success Is Yours!

Our Divine Download for January 15, 2022 is Be Positive/Bromeliad with the message "Your thoughts can shape your experience, so be sure to focus on the positive." from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Right around the middle of January, if not before, I start to hear from people who are at best discouraged and at worst downright depressed. We hang such high hopes and sometimes outrageous expectations on the turning of the calendar year, when in reality, even if we look at the astrological cycles as our cues for timing, the new year really isn't in alignment with immediate or profound change. So we get down on ourselves and we get down on our circumstances and unprocessed, even unacknowledged emotions rear their ugly heads causing us to capitalize on epic discouragement which can sometimes lead to self sabotage. This is our reminder to check ourselves in this process and not to go too far down the proverbial rabbit hole. The sun is still in serious, structured Capricorn and he's hanging out with a lot of other Cappy energy, sort of turning up the volume on what is just not an easy energy. Earth signs are much more prone to natural pessimism than other signs of the zodiac and a plethora of Capricorn energy can make our thoughts, especially our self dialogue a lil harsher than usual. So take a breath and know that this too shall pass (REALLY soon because Aquarius season is coming!). Use the Capricorn certainty to connect with the universal support which essentially ensures your success. It isn't necessary to be all sunshine, and rainbows, and lollipops, but it is a gentle reminder that what is for us will not pass us by, and that the more we can stay centered in our own positive thoughts, certainty, and positive expectations, the quicker we will tangibly connect with what is for us. Guaranteed.

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