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Be Receptive To Your Success

Our Divine Download for December 9, 2021 is Fertility from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. For some, this will be a message of literal fertility heralding a long-awaited pregnancy confirmation or a birth announcement. But, fertility is a state of receptivity and creation having to do with far more than just literal physical procreation. This is the universe acknowledging your ideas and assuring you that your new venture will be successful. Your hard work has and is paying off. It's about time for a lovely celebration. Simply put, this is a very fertile time for you. Whatever you've been working on, you can be assured that a creative power is stirring within and is ready to be birthed. The best way to nurture your brilliant and wonderful ideas is to keep your expectations positive. You must accept that patience is a necessary energy in order to see and receive results. Be encouraged and allow this confirmation to uplift your heart and soul, bolstering your resolve. There is so much magic happening in the background as the whole universe conspires to bring you your heart's desire. Literal majick is at play. When you trust in divine timing and are able to stay in the lovely, easy flow of faith and connection to the universe, success simply awaits you. Good things will come to those who are mindful that great things, even the greatest things grow from small beginnings.

When we are having trouble sensing our own fertility and connecting to the promises of the universe, our Angels will bring us simple, easy action steps to help us sense and connect to further ensure our success during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session Today!


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