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Be The True & Beautiful You

Our Divine Download for July 5, 2023 is Authenticity/I Can Be My True Self from The Divine Beloved Oracle Cards. Yesterday we were reminded of the spiritual truth of our Divine connection and existence, and today we are being reminded that so much of our own innate power lies in the full, unique authentic expression of ourselves, just as we are. It is safe for us to be fully and boldly ourselves in all ways and we do not have to assimilate to anything or for anyone. It's our universal call to let our inner freak flags fly in all of the ways our hearts have ever desired. Whether it be your sexuality, your needs, or something more mundane as what you do or do not like on your sandwiches, it's all good. It's better than good. Because it's you, and you are wonderfully and magically created to be exactly as you are. Anyone who tells you differently is either full of shit, selling something, or both. How have you been denying the full authentic expression of yourself? Are there things about yourself, about your wants, needs, or desires that you maybe haven't even fully admitted to yourself, much less spoken aloud? Now is the time. It's time not to just admit these parts of yourself, but to embrace them! It's time to own the full power and know the full beautiful ripe potential of the full and unabashed potential of your authenticity. Your confidence, your power, and your inner strength will grow day by day as you do.

An Integrative Reiki Session can help clear out the energy of inauthenticity and other people's stuff that you may have been carrying within your body. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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